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Family Therapy
​Family therapy is a systemic approach to therapy which looks at the family as a whole and its many subsystems (parents, siblings, children, etc.). Family therapy allows each member of the family to express their viewpoints and the many roles that they have to balance in order to function effectively. Family therapy strengthens the families interactions with each other and creates new opportunities to build new skills or reestablish healthy ones previously used. The family system is like a wind chime - when everything is balanced, each piece moves together to create a harmonious sound. When things are not balanced, each piece in the wind chime is in disarray and the sound becomes distorted. The goal of family therapy is to restore the harmony that families at one point experienced.
FEE: $120/session

Individual Therapy
Life happens on a daily basis and sometimes we have a difficult time adjusting. Individual therapy is a one-on-one approach to helping individuals deal with life. In therapy, you deal with internal stressors that can lead to problematic thoughts and behaviors that impede the enjoyment of life. Individual therapy is not only for people who are going through problematic periods in their lives, but for individuals who want to maintain their current level of functioning or promote self-growth. FEE: $80 for children/adolescents and $100 for adults (ages 18+) per session

Couples Therapy
Often couples have a desire to love and be loved in their relationship. Unfortunately, we can sometimes get in the way of allowing that to happen or unknowingly sabotage the very thing that we want the most. Couple therapy helps couples to understand one another by learning how each other’s dynamics and behaviors affect them on a day-to-day basis, which in-turn affects the relationship. The goal of couple therapy is to provide couples with the necessary tools to work through challenges that they face, develop a solid sense of self and maintain a cohesive subsystem. To learn more on how we conduct couples therapy, click here. FEE: $160/session

Group Therapy
Group therapy can be a great introduction or supplement to traditional therapy. It provides a supportive environment for individuals to share their experiences in a setting that may be less intimidating because they find that others are going through a similar experience and can understand their feelings/emotions. Group therapy intensifies the peer engagement or influence in a level that can allow individuals the opportunity and space to share information. To see the groups we are currently running, click here. FEE: $50/session
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